First CNC Sig meetup

This past Sunday, we hosted the first CNC Special Interest Group meetup. We had a great turn out and multiple members brought CNC demonstrations in to discuss. We hope to continue these in a monthly fashion, and have a rotating topic at each meeting. This meeting had an agenda of discussing flattening slabs, and a general meet and great.

Any and all are welcome to the meetings, all we ask is for you to have interest in anything CNC.

We started the meeting off with members showcasing their own CNC work, and discussing procedures, problems and achievements.

@Joaquim brought a great example of a test board he’s tried multiple techniques on.

Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Thanks @TravisGood for hosting this with me, and for the pics.


This was an excellent start, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Thanks to all who made it happen.

It was definitely cool, I think the best part was the unexpected things where someone would ask “how did you do that specific xyz?”

Down the line, it might be a cool idea to have like a monthly project theme to make and see what everyone comes up with to spark more of those conversations

Also interested to connect with more fusion folks to expand my knowledge with that

Like a book club, but with sawdust :slight_smile:


That’s the exact intent of this group. Its a very informal meet up, anybody is welcome tonsuggest a tooic. I highly encourage members to bring pieces they’ve worked on.

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Yes, that was a lot of fun! I was amazed at how many people showed up and expressed interest in CNC. I especially liked our discussions about different software, like the mentioning of Fusion 360 as @DirtHurt pointed out.

And I have to tell ya @jamesfreeman, I’m really glad we went over resurfacing. Because yesterday, my buddy Grayson (who’s not yet on discourse) asked me if I could resurface a table top he was working on. I told him I could, and I DID IT! Just when I was trying to envision how and why I was going to do some resurfacing, I get a request to do it…just two days after our class lol.


This is awesome to hear. I’m glad our first topic had already been put to use!

Wow, great turnout! Good job James and Travis

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