First CNC project on the Lagunas

Cut from 4×8 sheets of expanded foam PVC. These are snake racks meant for holding baby snakes. They have a route for a heat tape strip to run under the tubs, as well as one for the back of the rack. Took about 6 hours over 2 days to cut this and another one (not yet assembled) using a 1/4 in O-flute bit.


Great work! Thank you for sharing pictures of this project. Did you learn anything using this material on this machine?


I was familiar with this material already. It machines extremely nicely and easily. The vacuum hold down was ideal, even for smaller items like the legs. It was the perfect amount of grip to strongly hold the pieces down without any tabs or onion skin, but I was able to break the seal by pulling upward and remove a part even with the vacuum running.


“Snake racks” is not a term one hears very often. Very nice job!


Thats good to know about the small parts still being held well. I’ve wondered if the material would lose suction as more and more material is cut out.

If you don’t remove them, no

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