First aid kit revamp

I have looked at the first aid kit. Almost everything is out of date. Should I order replacements/additions?
I have accounts with medical suppliers. I also think we should order a small portable kit To be taken to the scene of an injury. I posted the message before but didn’t get a reply. I don’t know who to send this to.


Send me the links for the stuff and I will order it ,unless you care to go to through the reimbursement process which takes a while. Amazon links are best I do not mind paying a premium for convenience.
A bag kit would be good.




Fred R. Martin, M.D.

I will begin the restocking of the first aid kit by the sink near the sawstop. I removed a lot of out of date materials and replace them with newer stuff. I need to go through 100% of the contents if that box and have not done so yet. Just check it for a date before you use it. I’ll let you know once it’s all been checked. This is the box you should go to first for cuts and splinters.
There’s a second first aid kit near the bathroom in the workshop. It’s more of a first responder kit. It has a blood pressure Cuff, Stethoscope etc. for more serious injury. I will find a better way to mount it and protect it from dust.
I will make signs and post them above the first aid kits. I plan to remake the sign on the outside of the old first aid kit.


I’ve got a couple good pieces laying around that I can kick in for the kit if desired. Quickclot, a good compression bandage and a tourniquet, all sealed and sterile.

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Sounds good

Hey @Fmartin, did we end up with any sort of first aid inventory and ordering list? The quick clot supply was used and we need to restock on that.

I did re-supply some expired materials. The piecemeal resupply was getting more expensive than buying a kit. We did buy a kit which is labeled first responder kit and is located near the bathroom in the workshop. I am continuing to work on the big kit near the tablesaw. The first step was getting rid of dangerously expired materials. I will look into the quick clot. I never use it to stop bleeding. Direct pressure is better. I did put some rolls of Coban in both the large kit and the one by the bathroom. It can be used to help in applying pressure. I haven’t been very active this last month at hackerspace due to increased demand at work related to the freeze. Things are settling down and I should be able to get back to it soon. I did buy some eye irritant In individual Ampules just to help get sawdust And such out of your eyes. I threw where the open Eye irrigation which had been in there for a long time. I don’t think we should be reusing liquids designed for multi dosing with the possible exception of sterilizing solutions such as betadine or Hibiclens. I did put some small cheap bottles of Baby aspirin and Tylenol which should probably be replaced if used. They were about a dollar. Eric ordered the things that I requested in December And I stocked them. I will get around to making an inventory sheet.

Fred Martin


Sounds good and no worries! January and February both ended up being weird time warps for me so I can relate (it’s March already?!:exploding_head:).

Not a huge rush, but will appreciate the list when you have extra time for it. Thanks!