First aid kit for shop

I was wondering if we have a first aid kit available. I didn’t see one. I would be willing to help put one together if need be. Even simple things like wound cleanser (Hibiclens, betadine) Band-Aids, gauze, Coban, sling, Neosporin, Ace wrap, Splinter forceps, etc.
We have many sharp things.

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We have one above the shop sink. It needs some inventory help

Will do

Fred R. Martin, M.D.


Thank you sir!

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Ha, thanks, @tomthm . Just wanted to let you know, you can actually delete your own post if you want to if you click the three dots on the bottom RH corner! One of the things I like about here :slight_smile:

@JoeN, @kye I looked at the first aid kit. It needs some serious attention. Many of the things are dried out. I noticed expiration dates of 2014 on some things. I could go through and restock what we have. It might be of some utility To get a small portable box that you could take to the site of the injured person. I can research this and make suggestions.

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Cool. Thanks Kye.