Finished Purple Wedding Dress

I’ve met so many of you while I’ve been working on my sister’s wedding dress in the textile room so I wanted to show some of the final photos!

We had the wedding a week ago and considering that I never got an in person fitting with the bride due to her and the wedding being in Ireland, I am thrilled with how it turned out and so was she.

Special thank you to @stepho who had very similar measurements to my sister and was willing to try on the dress while it was in progress.


The bridal dress is stunningly beautiful and sister is truly glowing. I can see this dress worn by the many generations to come. I love the pictures—thank you for sharing them.



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Really beautiful work! And more impressive since you didn’t have her available to fit. You should be proud.

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Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats to you on a beautiful piece made as well as your sister and her husband on their new nuptials!

Also, your sister looks just like you, are y’all twins? :smile:

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haha thank you! She is actually a year younger than me so we are really close.

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