Finished Project: Santoku Knife

So, I finally just sat down to take a look at the santoku knife I’ve constructed after letting the finish completely cure, and I have to say, I’m proud of how it turned out for a first attempt at making a knife:

The knife itself is a Damascus blade with a black and white ebony handle. The process itself was simple enough.

I started out by wrapping the blade in blue painters tape in order to avoid cutting myself. Then, I traced the outline of the handle onto the wood blanks with a bit extra in order to make sure there was overhang afterward. The rough shapes were then cut out via a bandsaw. From there, used CA glue and tape in order to secure the grips to the blade, and used the belt sander and spindle sander to get them to their final shape.
The handles were then removed, placed in a vise, and chisels were used in order to give the handles a slight bevel. With how small the handles were, I didn’t want to risk using the routing table. One this was done, holes were drilled to match up with the knife, and the knife holes were drilled larger as the knife wasn’t sized properly for the rivets I had in order to secure the blade to the handles. The rivets were then measured, cut with an angle grinder, and epoxied into place along with the handles. After that, everything was sanded smooth once again on the sanders. Once that was finished, everything was sanded by hand, a coat of Rubio’s was used on the handle, and the blade was wiped down with acetone. Attached are some progress pics.




Biggest mistake other than the wrong river size was accidentally sanding down the corner of the blade, but when I take this to be sharpened professionally to get a good first edge, that should be completely taken care of.

Great job Doug, it’s absolutely stunning. I’m so glad you shared your work and it will certainly motivate other makers to step outside our comfort boxes and try new things.

Did you also forge the blade?

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The first thing I ever “made” was a machete made from an old hand saw. It was not good.

This is not that, this is rad.

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I did not forge the blade. I had delayed it, but I’m supposed to be going up to the Ft. Worth area soon in order to learn how to forge stuff from a blacksmith, so hopefully at some point I could.

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Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for sharing the whole process here! I love seeing how projects evolve and lessons learned along the way.