Finally got 3d printer working

Random topic but I finally managed to get my personal 3d printer working again! It’s an Ender 3 Pro V2, bought it late 2020. I wasn’t able to get it working after I installed my autoleveler (bltouch) until just the other night… Haven’t used it since February I think.

Turns out, the bltouch I thought was first party was actually third, which makes sense now considering the instructions were awful and the provided pins didn’t fit my motherboard. There are more resources out now for the same 3d printer though, so I was able to fix the problem pretty easily with some google-fu.

And, of course, my first print was the Rocktopus: The Rocktopus by Rubberman_PB - Thingiverse

If anyone has some other cool stuff to print I’d love to see them! My next project will probably be a battery magazine I saw on thingiverse, once I can secure an ar-15 spring. They’re apparently sold out all over the place.

Also was thinking it might be cool to print out some ‘bench brownies’ for the shop. It’s only about $.20 to print one, and the rubber material for non slip is pretty cheap too. I think Rockler’s cookies go for like $5 a piece or so.

What a coincidence, this past weekend I powered up my Ender 3 for the first time in about a year too. Sad to let that thing sit on a shelf in my garage. I printed a new case for a raspberry pi running OctoPrint, and I just ordered a new control board (SKR Mini E3 V3) and new bed springs and a metal extruder top end, for some much needed upgrades. Looking forward to the silent operation after I get that new board installed. Next step would be a BLTouch, maybe some hot end attachments – those fans are in dire need of an upgrade too.

Best part of getting a 3D printer is upgrading your 3D printer haha

This thing has been on my to-do list for about 3 years now, so maybe once I get all those upgrades done I’ll get started on it.

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“Silent operation” My favorite part of printing at home is this music the machi e makes as its printing.

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I thought the same till I upgraded my board. It is now silent.


Hmm my ender 3 might’ve come with a silent board… the only thing making noise is the nozzle fan. It is pretty annoying (and was making some weird noises earlier…) so I may replace that.

That’s convenient, I guess I don’t have the Pro so maybe that’s why. This is the difference I’m talking about:

my printer currently sounds like the before so I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet hahah

Edit: Ah, reading further down that thread it seems like some Ender 2 Pro V2s do come with silent drivers, so you must have one of those.

Ender 3 Sprites are now out and even better. I’m waiting for a possible upgrade path for the V2 with the new mobo.

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Yeah that makes sense.

If I remember correctly, the regular ender 3 and the pro were the same price when I got it, or very close to it.