Fiber Nailer repair pickup?

The fiber nailer is at the manufacturer for repairs. I was told less than a week, but will update once I’m told more.


Oh thank geebus, that thing was a fiddly piece of work.

Can anyone help with picking up the fiber nailer. The repair is complete and paid for, it’s just extremely hard for me to get that far up north during the week. It’s located at United Composites in Hutto. Jeff is the rep.

888 CR 108
Hutto, TX 78634

I can get it on Thursday. But if someone else can go before then, by all means do so.

Thanks Stephannie, that’s a huge help.

I can pick it up today, Tuesday November 30. I should be able to have it back afternoon. Where do I leave it?

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Thank you! Leave it by the large cnc router

The fiber nailer is home. It is on a stool between the computers and the CNC bed. The receipt is in a envelope under it and the replaced part is there in a baggie