Fiber laser volunteer help

Hi all,
I am reposting here so it has better visibility. A few people have asked what they can do to get the fiber laser up and running quicker.

Here are a few things that people can help with easily.

  1. Cleaning up enclosure pieces.
  • these need to be scrubbed down, there is simple green next to it. I have a lot more pieces and will bring them as we get them clean.
    Pieces are next to sink in fiber room.
  1. Revamping HEPA filter. This filter needs the stock filters cut out of it so we can put replaceable ones in it. To do this remove the front metal grate (this will be replaced with a laser cut wood one) then just cut out the glued in filter with a knife

I have lots more possible things but these can be done without my oversight. Anyone interested please just go for it, and post here progress or questions.


I removed the filter material from the back. Not sure the expanded metal screen would need to go.

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Thanks Mark! yah if we can find 20x25x2 filters in a merv 15 carbon we don’t have to remove screen.

BTW there was an aluminum crosspiece in the middle, hidden behind the filter material. If you see the aluminum and wonder, that’s where it came from.

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