Fiber Laser Status

What’s the status of the new fiber laser? The wiki lists it coming online 1 year from 7/7/2020. Is there anything that I can do to help set it up?

There’s just a gearbox that I modeled out in fusion that desperately needs to get cut.


What is the thickness of your material? Also material type

Either carbon or stainless steel 304, 1/8" or less

You can tormach it if your radius’s work. I’ll pull out the fixture I like to use for stuff like this. What’s the diameter

Most of the gears are pretty small: 1.2" pitch diameter, 20 pitch. Largest gear is a 4.5" outer pitch diameter ring gear.
There are ~10 components that I was planning on getting laser cut, I could do the tormach but it’d be fairly slow comparatively.

Ok, yah if you want to get quotes there is fabtech water jet, custom sheet metal has a water jet. There’s a few close, I haven’t done any fiber work locally @JoeN.

We’re still a little ways out on getting ours up

Who’s in charge of setting up the fiber laser? I considered using a local shop for my cuts, but I’ll likely need a few iterations, so it’d be ideal for me to do it myself.

Plus, if I can help get it going, it’d be a nice way for me to contribute to the space.

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I’m using to make my clock hands. They offer a number of materials in different thicknesses, Quote prices online. Just upload a file. Small or large quantities


Some people I know use send cut send for laser cutting

There are a few people involved with getting the fiber laser set up. I believe @EricP @JoeN and @jamesmcnees would be the people to talk to. @dannym as well although he is currently focused on getting a big laser cutter up and running.