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R300 is a bending radius limit, rather than carrier dimension. The XY dimensions are a different number, that depends on what all we’re carrying in it and can be known for sure later in design. Also note that, like on the CNC router, an 8 ft X axis does not necessarily need all 8ft+a bit extra to radius up to the Y. Rather, the flexible drag chain can start at the 4ft X axis midpoint and only needs a bit more to radius up to the Y, the first 4 ft down the X will never flex thus does not need to be drag chain.

I get that, I was stuck on:

depending on the design of the Y-Z transition, R300 probably will not have the room to be used there

So would we use a drag chain with a smaller bend radius? The fiber lasers I’ve seen seem to use the same drag chain for all 3 directions

X-to-floor flexes a lot which reduces life via bending cycles of any sort, and there is ample room, so bending stress is ALARA- “as low as reasonably achievable”. R300 is 2 ft dia clearance of the roll, and there’s ample room, so I’d put R300 there unless some other clearance issue comes up.

In contrast, the Y-to-Z bend mostly sees only small focal adjustments, its bending stress will probably not be the limiting factor for cable life. So R150-R200 is probably fine there. It is unlikely there is room for R300 there, as it would be a 2 ft wide 180 deg arch which is not “reasonably achievable”