Fiber laser goodness

This is literally the 1st cut with the new fiber laser source. The kerf is so tiny. I’m using my laser to help get the current build at the space done.

I forgot to turn off extra pierce


What do you call “first chips” when there are no chips? first smoke? :slight_smile:

Hmm that seems appropriate. First Smoke it is


Woah! When I saw it three days ago it didn’t look like it was ready to cut! I think the head was on the ground.

Is there anything I can do to help with the fiber laser bringup? I’m about to join as a member and cutting metal is what brought me to Asmbly. I have no laser experience, but am an EE and have lots of practical building experience. If y’all already have lots of helping hands, I totally understand! Just want to help if I can.

Sorry it is partially my laser in a different location. I’m using it to make parts for the current laser build in the clean room. I just installed a new fiber laser source and was excited for it to be cutting again.

I think the status of the fiber laser is that it has been built, but many of the components are currently being milled/machined to replace the temporary pieces it was constructed with.

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There are a few things that people can do to help.

I have a bunch of pieces for the future enclosure that need to be cleaned up, just scrubbed with simple green etc.

That is the easiest project for me to delegate at this time but there is also
miscellaneous ducting work and mounting/running some airline manifolds that also could be delegated.

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Hi! I’m a new member!

Part of why I wanted to join the makerspace was to use the fiber laser when it’s ready. I specifically wish to cut 1/4in AR500 (maybe up to 3/8in in the future?) steel, I’m interested in contributing to get the project online sooner for general use!


I put some of the pieces of the enclosure in the room along with some cleaning supplies if anybody wants to start scrubbing them. There is a lot more….


Another project is this HEPA filter. There is a stock filter that that is not replaceable. Basically I need help of someone to cut the stock filter out so we can put in replaceable filters. I also have a new grate that I use that needs to be laser cut. I have the file.

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