Fiber Laser Fundraiser (5ft x 10ft)

Isn’t that a FINE looking Fiber Laser metal cutter? Wouldn’t you like to be able to use one of these on a regular basis? Won’t your friends be jealous of all the things you make with it?

ASMBLY has been given the opportunity to acquire in the next 10 days a much requested tool at a FANTASTIC price, and we need your immediate assistance in purchasing it! This is no tiny laser either, but a 700 watt Boss Fiber Laser on a 5ft x 10ft bed! We found a commercial production machine that was underutilized by a company cutting light gauge metal signs and templates (and I have to say, the shop was super clean). The estimated time in use on this 3 year old machine is less than a thousand hours, with life expectancy of around 100,000 hours. You can see that machine in action here.

BOSS LASER FC-6012 PRO Machine highlights

  • 700W water cooled with industrial Fiber Laser Chiller
  • 59in X 120in (1,500mm X 3,000mm) or approximately 5ft x 10ft
  • Cut 3mm stainless steel / 6mm carbon steel / 2mm aluminum
  • Cuts ONLY metals: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and many other metals
  • SawTooth blade cutting support platform
  • Convenient Machine Mounted Monitor & Windows PC running CYPCUT laser software with nesting functionality
  • Kerf as small as 50 microns!

The Shop floor plan already had the space next to the Laguna CNC reserved for another CNC table, which is where we plan on placing this one. It will be located next to the garage roll up door, making moving and placing large sheets convenient. It’s also next to the metal shop work area. Appropriate barriers will be constructed or installed as needed.

Because it is a natural companion to our existing lasers, utilizing similar software, as well being great for making jewelry, we expect the demand for this unit to be HIGH. But there is a way you can ensure you get more time than normal. Follow this link to see how, as well as to donate to a long desired tool addition: Asmbly Makerspace

We also have a matching fund that will double donations up to $11,000. Please help us obtain this much desired addition to our shop by making a donation today!


Why only a 700w source? This seems kind of an oddball to have a large bed but a small source. If we’re looking at that sort of cost and floor space, it seems like we could get a better fit for our needs.

I’d have to look further to know for sure, but it looks difficult to upgrade this one to a better output.

Because 700w is what this gently used laser has and it’s something we can easily upgrade when we have enough funds to do so.

I can cut 3mm stainless sheet soonly. Count me in.


I upgraded mine from 750 watt to 1500 watt. The main factors for any future upgrade is the chiller capacity. The chiller on this unit has more capacity than mine. Most units can be upgraded to 3000 watt max. I think this laser will serve the members well.

700 watts can do quite a bit. It can cut 1/4" steel. 1/4" steel is great for most projects. Cutting 1/2" steel seems cool till it is time to pickup 1/2" plate.


But what head does it have on it? The heads have power limits, and there’s a good chance that that’s a 700W head that can’t handle more power. Not just that the head is expensive, this could be a design modification to the Z in addition to getting a new source and chiller.

The edge quality gets better with higher powers on thicker materials, in addition to being able to do them faster

The chiller has the capacity to handle more heat. The head can easily be changed out to handle more heat. The heads are available all day on eBay. The heads in general are quite standard or have multiple bolt patterns to accommodate several designs. We also have an emerging machine shop to handle any changes necessary. I went through this process a year ago.


this would make our makerspace capable of building a 250lb battlebot seen on discovery plus dot com


Oh hey that’s got a bts240s head, it can take up to 3kw

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Does the fiber itself have an intrinsic power limit?

Any progress report available on the process?

Original post said the opportunity was “to acquire in the next 10 days” – does that mean that this is a time-limited offer? (Presumably tied to the calendar year?)

Related timeline question: What sort of expectations do we have on timeline of delivery and getting the machine running?

Regardless, thanks for organizing. It does sound like a pretty cool opportunity.

It’s in the shop! Looks amazing, and I anxiously await seeing what members make.


WOW!!! JUST a bit EXCITED here!

Can that bad boy cut 0.375" aluminum?

Shane said above:

and 0.375 inch x 25.4mm/inch is 9.525 mm
so I’m guessing the answer is no.

This is super cool, and I’m really excited to start checking this out! :smiley: Is there an additional class that will be needed to use the new machine?

Absolutely. Stay tuned.

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We have purchased the laser outright and moved it into the shop. It was too good a deal to pass up and enough money was in savings, coupled with current donations, to justify purchasing it prior to meeting the donation goal. We are still actively seeking donations to offset this large cost, so please help out by donating. Donate

I was finally able to speak with a Boss Tech Support agent today (They were impossible to get prior to purchase because of the holiday). Here is some more information. As a reminder, our laser is 700W.

It can be upgraded to 1,000W. 1,500W might be possible depending on frame design. Their UK laser models are using less power with higher performance. Ours is single phase 220V system. Class 4 laser. Eye protection up to 10’ for 700w and 20’ for 1000w. Frequency is 1064nm.

Advantage to 1,000W laser:
Aluminum: Ads about 1mm more of thickness. Doesn’t recommend more than 1.5mm max on our 700W.
Stainless: is going from 3mm to 5mm.
Carbon Steel: Not much benefit to cutting carbon steel between the two.
Copper & Brass: Cutting copper or brass is not recommended for units under 1,000W due to likelihood of backscatter damaging the laser.

Carbon Steel cutting is not critical to exhaust. Aluminum will create a lot of dust which we will want to exhaust. 700CFM fan shipped was ok, but not great. Now shipping 1,000CFM. Makes a difference. Most runs for 700 are up to 30ft. (8-12’ in machine) A filter bot may be an option.

Compressed Air
Thin carbon material will cut fine with compressed air. Thicker material will require oxygen. Compressed air needs to be very dry and clean. Can damage laser otherwise. Also results in a lot of post processing. May require a booster for compressed air. Compressed air Needs to be at least 120PSI.

Nitrogen use will empty bottle in about 30 min or less. Oxygen last much longer. Use of these gasses is dictated by need for edge quality or by thickness and type of material.

We still have to work out a log of logistics regarding final placement, hookups, and safety barriers. Training classes will be worked out as quickly as possible as we are all very anxious to begin using this wonderful addition to our tools.


This is super cool to see. Is there any general idea of the tolerances achievable on this fiber laser for small scale cutting? I’m once again revisiting the possibility of being able to prototype small watch parts like dials and hands (in the tenths of millimeters thick and wide) if the machine is capable. Otherwise, I’m confident there are plenty of use cases for larger work that would be cool on this. :grin:

Hi Shane, Can you take a picture of the unit in the shop and paste it here. Thanks, Bri

From Boss:

Good morning Shane. I wanted to get you a price for a new laser power source for your machine. However when I talked to our sales team they did recommend that we also look at the new Max 1kW laser psu sources as well. I don’t have a price for that but a new IPG laser power source would cost $22,250. There would also be S&H and tax that would have to be included as well. We haven’t received the new Max laser sources so if you are looking to go at a lower price we might be able to get a better price on one of those lasers soon.