Festool Domino Class

Hey, would anyone be able to teach a class on the domino tool? It’s such a useful tool that I would love to be able to use it on some upcoming projects.

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We’re hoping @Vmikes or @cfstaley might be able to teach a course on it in the coming months. It is one of our newer tools that was purchased through a member funded drive with the clause of those members helping develop course curriculum. We should have classes for it by the end of June at the latest, hopefully much sooner.

I too am very interested in instruction / usage of the domino jointer. Have a L-shaped desktop I’m needing to join and really can’t work out a better option than hand cut joinery that is tbh beyond my capability.

@iillmaticc before we had the domino I did a lot of panel joining with dowels and though they are less precise, they do a fine job too. Hopefully that will not be necessary and you can get domino instruction, but if it is time sensitive and you can’t in time then I will vouch for simple dowels.

Although it depends how structural you need the joint to be. Dominos are stronger than dowels I believe, although neither is really meant to be structural , just used for alignment. As long as you have support near the L joint, I think you’d be fine.

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, dowels are for sure an option…though from what I’ve been told (YouTube) dominos are indeed stronger while also offering more surface area for glue to distribute itself…I cut 45 degree miters in two slabs and planned to join them with dominos. Thought the miter will look nicer with no end grain exposed at the corner plus maybe a tad stronger with more glue surface area as well. Fortunately it’s just a desk top for the home office so I’m not in a hurry. Will try to exercise some patience :slight_smile:

Just joined Asmbly and have some experience using the Domino (DF500) and teaching 1:1 classes on the tool at a local retailer. I use the domino in quite a few projects that range from a full bedroom set to dining tables to consoles and table leg assemblies. In my current DF500 class we cover all aspects of the tool features, accessories, cut setup, cutter change, and hands-on practice with several types of cuts.

If you have any general questions about the DF500 or the larger one let me know.

@David Thank you so much for your reply. Been away from the forums for a bit. Definitely interested in your tutelage. I guess I’d be most interested in a 1-on-1 session or two focused on completing the joinery on my project described above. Also looks like you’re our new Director of Education (also fairly certain we’ve met at Rockler). If we could arrange something I’d be very appreciative! Ty

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Hi @valerie do we know if there’s anything in the works for a class on the domino since last this topic was discussed? I’d love to attend if so. Would like to use the tool on a couple of projects I’m working on if possible. Thanks in advance!

Sign me up as well.

Yes! @David has been working to finish up the curriculum and is pretty close to done on this one. We’ll be starting out with 2 students per class to get a feel for what the right number of seats will be. @David can share more details over the next week or so.

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Thank y’all so much! I’ll be first on the signup!

On Thursday, June 23 I am going to meet with a member who has volunteered to help me test out the Domino DF500 class. Please note that Festool sells two versions of the Domino a DF500 and a much larger DF700 and Asmbly has a DF500.

Topics covered:

Key operational parts of the DF500 for setup and teardown
Using this Metric tool in an Imperial environment
Concepts of floating tenon joinery
Making a simple butt joint
Making a mitre joint at 45 degrees
Joining boards to make panels for tabletops - etc
Joining a table leg to an apron with and without reveal

If time permits / optional topics:
Waterfall joints
Drawers with exposed dominoes

Once I review the class there will be a more formalized writeup. My plan is to offer the class once every two weeks with a maximum of two attendees. If there is enough interest then I can increase the frequency of the offering.

I am open to any suggestions on content. If there is anyone who might want to teach the class going forward please reach out to me.



Hi David,
If you would find it helpful, I’d be willing to take an “observational only” role in your class to offer additional feedback on the curriculum and methods taught. I’ve done this professionally in the academics and sports.


Domino Class is now open for registration on Saturday, July 2 with room for two attendees. If this fills up quickly then I can add more sessions as my schedule allows. Once we see how popular this class is then if anyone wants to take over teaching the class then let me know.

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Well that filled up quickly and am adding another session on July 9.

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Signed up!

Missed this discussion.
I would be happy to give course on Festool Domino too.



Hey Everyone! I thought I’d reply here since this seems to be the last thread discussing Domino classes. Are there any plans for classes in the near future? Would love to get familiar with the tool and be able to use it on some upcoming projects.

@valerie @Vmikes @David

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Hi Daniel - We have not planned any Domino classes this month as the Domino classes in September did not have interest. If you would like to take a Domino class in the next few weeks I can contact the instructor to see if he is available. Let me know what are some good dates / times for you.