Felipe Gomez Art: Solo show (Free drinks, Free entry)

Hey yall!

Many people in the space have asked me to share about my upcoming gallery shows, and I forgot to post about the last one.

I am having my first proper solo show next Thursday, May 18th from 6-9 pm at Bolm Arts: 5305 Bolm Road Austin, TX 78721

Free drinks provided by: Desert Door Sotol, and Cara Buena Tequila and Non-alcoholic by Topo-Chico, and Guayaki yerba mate!

Below you will see the flyer for the event! It is free entry and would love to see some makerspace faces there! Everything I will be showing was created at ASMBLY.

If youd like to keep up or see my work to see if youd like to come my instagram is @FelipeGomezArt or my website is www.felipegomezart.com

Thanks for reading yall!


Awww man!!! Any chance of this running late? I’d love to go, but will be representing Asmbly at the Woman’s Way Business Awards gala that we’re making awards for.

If not, hope I can make the next one! Thanks for sharing it!

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@ashleyrlee we should cross promote this on our social media, yeah?


I’m sure we will be there hanging out after the show :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh wow it’s your solo show! That’s so cool. I will cross post :clinking_glasses: hope to catch you there after the award show!

I just visited your website and I’m just blown away. Your art is brilliant! Stunningly realistic, incredible details throughout the piece—I could study them for hours and still find new details… congratulations

If y’all look up and admire the sign over the Lasers room, that is also Felipe’s work

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Awesome! I live in the neighborhood, I’ll definitely stop by.