Feedback requested for a couple of process improvements for classes

I’m new so let me know if these are silly. I’ve signed up for a few classes and run into some small hiccups that are easily fixed. What do y’all think?

  1. I drove down to ASMBLY for the first CNC class. It does mention in the class description that it’s a Zoom but not in the calendar invite. I registered weeks ago and I’m an old man who forgets things. :slight_smile: Solution: Put the virtual nature of the meeting in the confirmation email and “add to calendar” event. Send zoom meeting instructions a couple hours ahead of time.
  2. I’ve signed up for a class and need to ask a question of the instructor before the class. I enjoy the informality but “Danny” or “Charles” is not enough information for me to track down the right person. I figure those guys are well known at ASMBLY but I’m brand new and don’t know them yet. Solution: include instructor contact information with the course registration confirmation email.

Every single person I’ve met has been great and I’m looking forward to being a member for a long time. I think these will help other new people going forward. Thoughts?


My apologies on the misunderstanding. I normally send out emails earlier, there was some trouble with the Neon portal and I couldn’t get info on who had signed up. That’s primarily just additional info though, the VCarve download link and Zoom meeting ID.

Thanks Danny. That would have helped but ultimately, I think a location needs to be specified on the calendar invite to make this work smoothly.

I enjoyed your class last night and looking forward to getting up to speed in Tarkin soon.

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I think these are good and logical suggestions. I’ve seen several people show up to the space for the online portion of the CNC class, and I know it can be frustrating. And contact info for teachers (just an email)makes a lot of sense too – perhaps first names are a bit too informal haha. I think these should be implemented.

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Agreed, this is good feedback. Neon has a lot of capabilities but there are also some annoyances. Like we can make customized registration emails, but as I recall we have to apply them to a category in order for it to be an ongoing email and not something we add each time we add an event. I think the location thing is fixable if we break up these types of classes to be two separate sessions within the event (otherwise it only gives us one location field).

I’m pretty backlogged on other items for the space right now, but I’ll try to look at this soon.