February CNC SIG Recap

We started off the meeting with James beaming over his new addition to the family, which was delightful to listen to. It’s like a teddy bear finally found his honey, and it’s adorable to witness.

@bwatt then talked to us about end milling, or a rotary style cut that he made on the iQ. He shared with us all the techniques he used to set up his 8 lb clamp that he used to clamp the wood down really hard.

@TravisGood then shared more information about the shaper origin.

@PatrickAidan then shared with us how he CNC’d some wood to create sound diffusers, which was his FIRST CNC project. And, I hate to spoil it, but he WON the $100 gift certification after we voted on who made the most interesting and exciting CNC. Congratulations to @PatrickAidan for his innovative and inspiring efforts–especially considering that it was his first time!

@SteveW was saying he found files on FB marketplace and thingiverse to get CAD files that he wouldn’t have to spend so much time designing the file. Steve said he uses 8% steppover to reduce the sanding he has to do later.

@Christopher then showed us his threshold for a pocket door.

@michleon100 shared his laser cut cephalopod.

It was an action-packed event full of effusive dedication to the machine that spins a blade really fast, and we appreciate that. To all the people who like spinny, fast blades, we salute you!

For people who would like a more in-depth survey of the meeting, the recording is located here: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom

Passcode: 2y+?4m#$

Now, moving out to our next event a little over a week ago–it’s March Mixed Madness! This means we are encouraging people who are participating in using mixed techniques, whether it be using a laser+CNC, 3D printer+CNC, regular CNC+rotary CNC, etc. The idea is to bring your A game using many different techniques to pull out your aesthetic or functional work of art. We look forward to seeing everyone NEXT SUNDAY March 3 @ 9am in the multipurpose room at Asmbly.

See you guys there!


Not mine, I don’t make it to the SIG usually.

Ah. I confused the Michaels by mistake. Updated it to reflect the correct Michael. Sometimes there’s just TOO MANY MICHAELS!! :stuck_out_tongue: