Favorite method/material for sealing plywood edges?

I’m about to do a couple projects that will involve chamfered and/or roundover edges on 3/4" plywood. I want smooth, consistent edges on them. It’s OK if the ply layers are visible; in fact, visible layers will add to the aesthetic of a stained desktop / work surface, but smooth/sealed edges will be important as the intended use includes resting hands/wrists on the edges.

I’m using high quality birch plywood, so I don’t expect significant amounts of voids/knots, but if they are there I obviously want to fill them in.

In the past, I’ve actually had good luck just smearing on Titebond glue so that it fills and soaks in a bit, then sanding it down. Only really looks good if the edge is painted with an opaque color, though.

When you put the titebond glue on the edge do you mix a little sawdust in? If not, that might make the glue filler look a little better.

My other though for filling voids is to go big and just fill with epoxy. I have a cedar table top where I used black epoxy to fill in the knots and I like the contrasting colors. Definitely personal preference though.

With that said, if the plywood is anything like the drawer stock I’ve been working with then you will have very few, if any, voids to deal with. I just sanded a small round over on my pieces and am planning to put some spray on polyurethane to seal them up.

I’ve had better luck adding fill after finish. The fill might match before finish, but then the fills don’t absorb and change color, like the wood can. I use oil based finishes.