Fall 2022 Show and Tell

The coffee shops are saying it’s fall now and these 80 degree days I guess are a cue as well. Kicking off the fall show and tell with a quick project @torchedguitar and I threw together for my dad’s b-day. I made the design in Illustrator a week ago on a Sunday morning, grabbed some overpriced ~1/4" ply at Home Depot, and cut each layer on Tarkin. Staining and glue up happened over the course of the week with different color stains for each layer and water color paints for the deepest layer so I could get more color variation. Having help with alignment for glue up was essential! Also essential – cinder blocks for “clamping” :joy: Not too shabby for a quickish homemade gift :blush: :honeybee:


Made this coffee table recently. It’s made with two bookmatched pieces of cottonwood.


Wow, the table looks great! I love the smoky translucent resin.

I’ve recently finished some picture frames for these posters I got at the Blue Genie winter art bazaar. The smallest projects always take the longest :joy:

I also recently tried my hand at stained glass for the first time. Made a little portrait to commemorate the inaugural launch of SLS (jumped the gun a bit, I guess)


How did you find the process of making stained glass?

I haven’t made anything recently, but I did reorganize some of my storage shelves at home


It was great! I appreciated that it was something that could be done fully in my garage and while watching TV/YouTube, which can’t be said for everything. I should have come in with a better pattern, mine was just drawn onto cardboard and cut out with an xacto knife. I also didn’t have a glass grinder so I just had to hand grind with a stone. But overall a cool process and would do again!

I wish I could have such a nice and organized crafting room… Alas I am a bit of a messy person by nature and it takes quite a bit of mental energy to overcome the entropy.