Error when loading file

Trying to load my file an getting an error that the program failed to connect to the server. Computer is connected to the internet and the file was created in vcarve 11.06

I see in the upper right corner of the screen the sign in link. Clicking on that take m to another webpage where I’m told the login is incorrect

I was in there earlier today. There’s 2 copies of vcarve on the computer, and only one is working / connecting to the licensing server.

It looks like someone with the correct login might just need to re-login to get the license

Would that be @JoeN or @dannym ?

Use the VCarve 10.5 installation

I’m wondering if this is a issue on the VCarve server again. If somebody is there during the week, I’d like to know if the 11.0… is working then. Otherwise as others have stated, the 10.5 seems to be working fine.

So I’ll need to downgrade my version of Vcarve at home then? What’s stopping us from using 11 at the workshop? Is it a software or hardware issue?

Software. The 11.x version isn’t connecting to the licensing server / says you need to log in in the top right corner. The 10x version is working, but unfortunately won’t read files created at home with the 11.x version.

I couldn’t get the second computer w/ vcarve in the lounge to log-in, but if someone else knows how to use it, might be a good way to test what the issue is.

I get what is going on with 11 on the computer next to the CNC, my question is why is the solution “to just use 10.5” and not have 11 up and running properly.

If using 10.5 is the “solution” moving forward then we need a resource to have a working path where members can download 10.5 because as I understand it vcarve will only let you download the most recent version from their website. For what I was working on last it it was simple enough to recreate it on the fly but if I had brought in a larger project I would have been hosed.

I’m the one who installed V11, I only responded to say using the 10.5 install should resolve your file issue.

I’m addressing the license question.

I appreciate you looking into the licensing issue for 11. If for some reason we can’t use 11 is there somewhere I can download 10.5 for my computer at home? I’m currently running 11 at home, I looked for a download link for previous versions and didn’t come across any in my admittedly quick search of their webpage and forums

I talked to VCarve support and they said they don’t see any issues on their end. He suggested the likely cause is a firewall issue. @Jon can we check to see if this is an issue?

@Devmani You are correct, files created on Version 11 will not load on version 10, but files created in version 10 will load in version 11. I did ask if there was a way to install the older version still, and they informed me there was not. So sounds like getting version 11 figured out is a priority.

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V11 license fixed

Thanks @dannym

Thanks so much for the help @dannym