Ergonomic staple gun?

I’m looking at staple guns for making painting canvases, and the old one I have isn’t great ergonomically. Ideally I’m trying to find something light enough not to aggravate repetitive motion injuries in my wrist.

What brands would y’all suggest I look at?

Why not just get an electric one?

Agree electric is probably your best bet.

I’ve tried two different “forward action” staple guns like the Powershot 5700 Staple Gun - Forward Action Stapler | Arrow Fastener
One was a Craftsman (plastic body), the other might have been an Arrow (cast metal body).

Both of them sproinged themselves to death after light general usage. I gave up on ergonomics and bought an old-school T50 Staple Gun - Heavy Duty Steel Stapler | Arrow Fastener which works great for me but requires too much grip strength for my wife to use comfortably.

An alternative to electric ( weight wise ) is a pneumatic stapler with a light weight poly hose for it.

Yeah but the pneumatic one also has a higher initial investment cost too. Since you also have to buy the air compressor to accompany it.

So… based on a really weird set of events, I have recently gained a compressor.

Given that, general opinions on electric vs pneumatic?

If you’re usually working in one place, I’d go pneumatic for sure. lighter, cheaper, easier to maintain.

The big advantage of electric would be that you don’t have to drag a compressor around if you’re always using it in different places.

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Thanks all. Based on this discussion, I will go learn to use this newly acquired compressor.

its easy. plug it into a power outlet. Let it make alot of noise. Hook a hose to it. hook hose to staple gun. Staple away.

LOL just dont staple your fingers together

I actually have a pneumatic stapler if you want to purchase it. It’s a porter cable TS056. It does staples and brad nails I think.

I’ve only used it a few times. It works great. you can have it for $10.

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For $10? Done.

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sweet. i’ll be up at the shop on sunday morning between 830ish -til. if that works