Epoxy Pour at ASMBLY - possible?

Hi, I’m looking to do an epoxy pour on two 25"x25" tables. I would need about one week (two pours on each, 72 hours to cure). Is it possible to do this at ASMBLY? I’m not keen on the glue up area, for fear of too much dust, or anything else falling into it. I’m not sure if there is any out of the way place it could be done.

I’ve run out of time to do this in my garage, it is getting too hot.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a place to do this at present. There is much discussion about establishing a finishing room where such an activity would be possible. But that transformation needs members who are willing to lead the effort and make that happen. (Perhaps you could be one of those people!)

Be aware that the area originally being considered for the finishing room is now the subject of a different proposal, for an expanded Machine Shop. And while it too is only still being written, I’d bet that my proposal is far closer to completion than anything written about a possible finishing room.

That doesn’t mean a Finishing Room can’t happen, but someone will either have to make a concrete proposal in the same time frame and convince the Board it’s a better use of that space – which I think will be difficult given the synergies the Machine Shop proposal will contain – or figure out a different part of the space that can be used for it.

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I thought warm temperatures were more advantageous for epoxy pours.
How deep are you pouring?

Instructions say 70-80 degrees, but I can tell you from personal experience that 80 degrees is too hot for deeper pours / higher volumes. My pieces are 2.5". I plan to do two 1.25" pours out of caution, even though its “deep pour” epoxy. Epoxy is exothermic, so it can run away generating its own heat and cure way too fast - which is what happened to me last time.

Despite my current need, I’m not sure a finishing room is the highest and best use of space, IMO. If I cannot figure out anything else, perhaps I will consider making a small “paint booth” style enclosure with a box fan and some plastic that can just sit on the workbenches. I will check back here before I do that of course.

I rent out my finishing room, with a discount for Asmbly members. It is climate controlled and has air filtration. The rate for a full day (9-6) is $45 for Asmbly members (regular $50). Items can be left overnight with a 9am pickup. Multi-day bookings are accepted. Here’s a link to the full posting on Discourse.