Entrepreneur in a Box Recap - 06/21/23

Entrepreneur in a box was terrific last week! This is where we discussed LLCs, what they are, why they’re useful, and if/when to start one. A bit of information about the folks who joined:

@RDChilders has a manufacturing background and was looking for a community of entrepreneurs. He’s also a burner buddy!
Ben is into genetic programming and has an array of interesting experiences in his life. I hope we see him at our next event!
@LoboFPV is an avid drone flyer and interested in developing a company to contract out drone footage.
@justingier is investigating creating a company that sells furniture.
@michleon100 is interested in learning about all kinds of business ventures.

A few pictures from the meetup. The artwork shown is from @Jordanva2

Here is the link of the deck I used during the presentation: Loading Google Slides

Hope to see you guys at our next event, which will be at 6pm on July 10th. At this event we will be learning more about revenue and business models with Chris Palmisano at the Capital Factory. Make sure to RSVP!

More details are described in @ashleyrlee’s post: EIAB Outing: Mon July 10 6 PM