Ender 3 Heating Failure/ Thermal Runaway E1 Error HELP

Hi all,

My Ender 3 Printer was working fine before, but recently an error Thermal Runaway E1 has been showing up and halting my prints, really in the first couple of minutes.

I have done a bit of research and :

  1. I replaced the Thermistor
  2. I ran a PID autotune via Pronterface, which worked fine 2 out of the 3 times I attempted this.

After these changes, I still sometimes get Thermal Runaway E1 Error, and most other times I get ‘Heat Failure’ E1. It seems that the problem is in the nozzle temperature, and for some reason the temperature stops increasing about ten degrees from the temperature that it is set to reach.

For example:
If I set the nozzle temperature at 240 degrees,
The nozzle will start decreasing temperature at about 230 degrees, and the
‘Heat Failure’ error will be triggered.

    If I set the nozzle temp at 220 degrees, 
    The nozzle will start decreasing temperature at about 210 degrees, and the 
    'Heat Failure' error will be triggered.

Has anyone else had this issue with Ender 3? I keep checking wires to see if that’s the issue, but it all looks fine, everything is attached to the right spots and secure. The nozzle does get hot, so I don’t think my heat cartridge is the problem. I’ve changed the thermistor twice, so I don’t think that’s the issue either. I feel like it must be something off in the calibration (my printer came with Marlin), but I’m not sure how to change that.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’d check the the heat cartridge or just replace it with one from amazon (hey if that doesn’t solve the issue you can always return it). Our you will need to check the resistance of the heat cart so bust out that multimeter.

If the it happens again after the cartridge change. There might be a broken wire in the sensor wire. I’m not sure if the creality is home run in terms of wires or if the wires go to a connector then to the board.

I would suggest changing the heater cartridge as well. Especially if you’ve already changed the thermistor. Also, make sure all the cables are connected firmly to the board. If it still causes an error after that then the board will need replacing. There are a lot better upgradeable boards out there if that’s the case. I prefer BTT SKR line of boards.

Thank you! Heater Cartridge change will be my next move, we’ll see if that gets it moving!