End of aquaponics era 🐟 🌿

You may have noticed the aquaponics system dwindling down lately. As you may have already guessed, it is on its way out and its final day in the space will be 11/5.

The aquaponics system saw an incredible amount of love recently with @beirdo’s contributions – thank you for all you did to beautify and expand the system! Alas, even still it has continued to remain a project with not enough community contribution to be maintained at the space. It has been hosted by @Tookys and was an interesting project to have on site, but the time has come for it to move on.

If you have any pictures or fond memories of the aquaponics system, I know @Tookys would greatly appreciate you sharing them!

What’s happening next in this space?

Some of it will be utilized for a little bit of lobby seating, but we’ll primarily be using it to display larger member project pieces. As we finish up work on the lobby, we’re aiming towards having a major showcase space for members’ work. Along with that, we’d like to start having regularly scheduled “gallery” nights similar to art gallery showings where we invite the general public to see the work of members in the space, particularly members who are interested in selling pieces.

More to come on that in the new year!


Aquaponics was the very first thing I saw when I came to (then) ATX Hackerspace. I have enjoyed its greenery over the years. I’ve learned a lot from the various discussions here on Discourse about it.


This was one of my favorite things here. I could not help with it, because at my place I mostly have dead plants. I did enjoy the fish saga. This is from the efforts to get the fish to be neighborly.

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