Embroidery machines

I was just at a yard sale in Round Rock. The guy’s mother passed a while back and he’s cleaning up her house. There is a pair of Bernina machines that he says were hooked to a computer.

If the space (or an individual) is interested, let me know and I can get you his number.

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That top picture is a great machine - one step up from my own home machine. I’m guessing the other two are as well, but the third (singer) wouldn’t make a good shop machine, but would be an indestructible workhorse if someone wanted such an item.

Did the person indicate what they are asking?

Here to second everything @stepho said! Berninas are workhorses and worth scooping up at a good price. The accessories get expensive though. I have the Artista780 and love it. My 1008 model prior to the 1080) is the machine I always have on set with me.

Sorry, I meant to explain - I included the singer’s pic only in case someone wanted an old one for themselves.

The guy wasn’t sure what they were worth; he said he hoped to get at least $500, though I didn’t think to clarify if that was each or total.

I didn’t stick around long as I had a dog in the car, but I got the impression there were a number of accessories. If I understood correctly, he’d already sold several of her sewing machines.

$500 for all three would be an absolute steal