Embedded Software help - UART

Hey all,

I am trying to build a small embedded system to read and display sensor data. I have a pressure transducer which communicates with serial (RS232), and I am trying to take in the reading and put it into a variable to be used by the program.

I think I have hardware portion figured out — My controller has UART outputs and I’m using a MAX3232 to talk to the sensor. I can probe with a logic analyzer and see that the sensor is receiving a data and sending it back.

My problem is with the software – specifically reading the returned sensor value into a variable. I think there is an issue with my low level UART software, and I may be missing something, possibly timing related, on handling the read event in general.

I am using a TI launchpad (TM4C) and Keil for programming. Happy to put my files into a repo to share. Let me know if anyone is interested or has ideas!