Electropolishing Station

Hey Everyone,
I’m working with Eric on adding an electropolishing station to the space.

@buzmeg : Does the electronic shop have alligator electrode connections for the power supply? I found a power supply, but not electrodes so I figured I’d ask.


I believe that there were banana jack to alligator on the power supply on the bench with the carpeting.

Do be aware that electropolishing causes rather toxic soups of goo that need to be disposed of.

Ok thanks, I’ll look for them the next time I go to the shop.

No worries on the goo. For what I’m working with, you should only need to add baking soda to neutralize it and then can pour it down the drain.

I love what electropolishing does to stainless steel. I don’t know if I can help given my schedule but I will certainly be cheering from the sidelines.

Regular steel is fine. Stainless is a concern because of its nickel and especially chromium content. Chromium is taken fairly seriously as a pollutant. Stainless isn’t just a trace, it’s about 18% chromium by weight.

It’s usually great to learn new skills and trades. I question though the challenges of anodic surfacing when there are professional commercial services in Austin
that (I would guess) comply with hazardous wastes appropriately and perform their activities where anything toxic is anticipated and controlled.

I want to anodize some aluminum parts and surface prep IS the name of the game, especially in even mid-sized orders can be costly. There are vibrators that can do an impressive job for say processing brass shell casings for maybe $200 including the abrasive media.(multiple grits)

I looked into a “home brew” for anodizing and after all is said and done, unpredictable results, corrosive chemicals around blah blah blah…Why? Why go to the trouble?