Electronics for Wearables and Art

I’m very excited about how the electronics and textiles space are taking shape! Thanks to all who have contributed to making these spaces awesome!

Currently working on a proposal for training on topics related to wearable and (other) art electronics that I’d like to give sometime in Q4 2022. Since it’s a big topic, if you are interested receiving training, I’d appreciate your feedback on what options you would find most exciting and useful, please respond to the brief survey below:

Directors and other Operations folks - feel free to let me know (via survey or independently) what would likely be most useful for getting good engagement from members.

Anyone who wants to collaborate on developing and/or testing training material, feel free let me know. I know enough to be dangerous, and I’ve led classes and workshops on some of these topics before, but I’m more of a dabbler than an expert here. Other collaborators would be appreciated


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I realized, I replied earlier I was interested in learning about the topic in general, didn’t read the full post being able teaching the subject though :sweat_smile: which is a different matter for me

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Love this idea and filled out the survey. Happy to collaborate.

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Thanks for your interest Riko, I very much appreciate your and any other prospective students feedback on this! This is new territory for makerspace, and I’m not sure what’s going to be most interesting, useful and relevant for addressing unmet needs for members to help them get the most out of the space. If you have any other thoughts or preference, feel free to let me know!

All - the survey will be left open until Jul 29th, all feedback is welcome, thanks!

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@jess thanks so much for doing this! I will include the survey in the mailchimp newsletter I send out tonight.

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Quick reminder that this survey will be closed down in 11 days. Anyone who wants to provide feedback should do it in that timeframe, thanks!

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