Electrical / plumbing / mechanic experience?

Hi ATXHS community! I’m considering purchasing a camper trailer to renovate and was wondering if anyone here has or knows somebody with electrical / plumbing / mechanic experience? I’m looking to pay someone to give the trailer a thorough inspection before making the purchase :slight_smile:

All help is greatly appreciated! You can text me at 512.658.8387

Thanks a bunch!

I would look for structural damage 1st. Corner joints are high potential for leaks and water damage.

Thank you JoeN!! I will keep those points in mind :slight_smile:

I have a cousin that bought a used camper in Montana and drove down to Texas last thanksgiving… I’ll ask them how their camper is holding up and what they thought. Can get back to this tomorrow most likely with data lol

Walk the floors carefully, every square inch. If the floor is sunken or soft, there’s a decent chance of rot. Usually, but not always near the plumbing.
Walk the roof. Look for repairs, cracked Dicor (caulking), torn / abraded, cracking roof membrane. Look especially around the attachments to the edges, and the seals around penetrations. Repairs don’t make it bad, but there are bad repairs. Duct tape is bad.

You can find mobile RV technicians. I’m sure some would also give the vehicle a look. Then you get someone with a wide industry knowledge.

That would be great! Would love to hear their experience and any advice they may have! Thank you kingkeyan!!! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all these tips cfstaley! This is all very helpful!!! Will take notes and for sure look for an RV technician, great suggestion :slight_smile: