Education Team Expansion ๐Ÿ“š

Most stewards and teachers are already aware of this change, but I let time slip away from me without sharing here on Discourse as well. @mkmiller6 has been helping out a lot on the education front this year and after giving it a trial run, Iโ€™m happy to officially announce Matt as the newest formal member of the Education Team! :tada: :awesome:

Matt is transitioning to the new role of Education Coordinator and will serve as the point person for managing the class schedule, onboarding new teachers, and managing class feedback, among other various education items. He will be working on some initial projects to improve the processes in these areas and set up automations for class feedback. Stay tuned for updates on this in the coming months!

Hereโ€™s who is currently on the Education Team and what they are in charge of:

  • @mkmiller6 โ€” oversees education processes, manages and maintains the class schedule, onboards instructors, manages feedback process
  • @David โ€” oversees instructors and curriculum development, intervenes with instructors based on class feedback, coaches instructors as needed
  • @jamesfreeman โ€” maintains the CNC education schedule (defers to Matt if assistance/adjustments needed), works with CNC instructors on new course development (defers to David if assistance needed)
  • @cfstaley โ€” maintains the Woodshop Safety schedule (defers to Matt if assistance needed)

Thanks all โ€” teachers and Edu team members alike โ€” for the ongoing efforts to make Asmblyโ€™s education top notch! If you are ever uncertain about who to contact for what, just use (or or and youโ€™ll get a hold of the whole team.


Yes, thanks for the many hours yโ€™all contribute to making ASMBLY a learning place as well a MakerSpace