Ears saver device - Mylar

I’m fixing to manufacture as free as possible, design to be released free for others to use, something I will call an “ears saver” device, a kind of hooked strap to pull the elastic strings in face covers together behind the ears in such a way that they don’t cut into the ears.

This became a “scratch my own itch” kind of thing, when wife indicated her discomfort after just a few hours. It must be terrible for people having to don a mask all day long.

The standard design I saw somewhere (Hackaday? or was it Linkedin?) has been 3D printed, I have a notion that people could make something like that from laser-cutting Mylar. Tried with scissors and it seems to be “feasible”

Cheaper, faster, and did I say cheaper and faster than 3D printing? Even, perhaps, hack together a “something” to die cut Mylar (reusable, washable), or even cardboard (so cheap it could be single use).

Any bright ideas? I haven’t yet signed back as a member, I guess I’d be happy if someone already “in” would want to try my design and see if it flies (I’d have to make the SVG first…) I have left-over Mylar I rescued from Alex back in the day, and it’s not that expensive anyway if we see that the idea is worth pursuing.


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