E-mail From Instructors

I took several classes before joining ASMBLY. In many of these classes, the instructor said that they would send us e-mails with information that was discussed, yet I never received a single e-mail. Is it possible that they did not have access to my e-mail, since I wasn’t yet a member? I hate to think that they all dropped the ball (especially the instructor who assured me that he’d send me e-mail after I told him about not getting e-mail from the others).

(I don’t mean this to be as passive aggressive as it sounds… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

The instructors:

But I sent my email just now.


A month or so ago, @mkmiller6 fix up a cronjob script we have so teachers get emailed a list of their students and their contact info (regardless of student’s membership status). The info is also available to them in the Neon backend system they have access to. You can always email classes@asmbly.org to get in touch with the Education Team to get help with this sort of thing as well.

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