Dust collector over full

Folks, please empty the main dust collector. It’s over full, and that can lead to equipment failure. Take care of your shop.

When the Woodshop safety class got around to emptying the dust collector, it was full up to the top of the cyclone. It probably need to be emptied since Friday. Not good.

I’m thinking we could make better use of the dust-level sensor to solve this process problem.

  • get a big honkin contactor, and cut power to all machines when the dust collector’s full

  • add something more attention-grabbing to the level display. perhaps this?


Does that sensor even work? I thought it was too unreliable, like it was reading false positive and negative at times. But I haven’t tried to examine it.

This is one of a number of things that should be hooked up to an IoT device to monitor the facility. This would show how often it’s filled or overfilled and when that’s happening. Also HVAC’s static pressure drop really needs to be monitored as that is a reliable indicator of filter performance.

Anyhow, what it needs is not that dinky little led, but a big industrial flashing red LED indicator. Like the LED stack on Tarkin. They make them with “sirens” too- not deafening, but attention-getting.

What voltage is the system using? I can put something together to do this.

LOL, triggering a rotating flashing light should do the trick.


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I don’t want this happen again, but we are moving on from this system to the larger unit. If you want to build a 220v kill contactor. That would be awesome. I think i have a mag contactor that run on 24v.