Dust Collector going offline overnight; dependent equipment will be offline too [Done]

I will be taking the dust collector offline at 9 pm tonight (possibly sooner if the woodshop is empty and there are no Skedda slots booked) to do a repair. This requires a sealant that will take time to cure, so it will be offline for at least 12 hours. Therefore, anything that uses the dust collector will be unavailable then as well. This includes both Saw Stops, the jointer, planer, router table, resaw bandsaw, and all of the sanders. (Unaffected: both CNCs, the chop saw, drill press, the two smaller bandsaws.) I will be turning power off to all of these then and only restoring it after 9 am tomorrow.


I was only able to replace one window, but it was by far the worst. This should definitely be an improvement. I’ll be back around 9 am tomorrow to check on it and turn the power back on to all the machines.

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The point of this repair isn’t about overall suction, but about the mechanism that keeps the bag flush with the sides of the bin. With the leak, it was being blown in instead of pulling to the sides. The red light was activating falsely all the time to the point everyone was ignoring it.

Unfortunately, this was not entirely successful. I know where it went wrong and will cut a new piece and make another attempt soon. I hate doing iterative design, but sometimes it’s hard to check things with the old part in the way.