Dust collection moved to jointer

I moved the dust collection hose from the router over to the jointer, along with the I-VAC switch. Photo attached. The jointer generates an incredible amount of shavings. Without dust collection, it can continue to spit shavings out for a few minutes after making a cut. I don’t have a good feel for how well the dust collection is working. The remove station doesn’t have the best suction. But it will be better than the nothing we have. The bin on the floor gets almost no shavings from the machine. I had some gaffers tape, which actually holds it pretty well. The fitting would not go over the machine outlet, as they were the same diameter.

The router isn’t used as much, and does not generate as much of a mess.


I’m glad you switched them, I was thinking the same thing needed to happen. I came across this video last night, might be worth doing.


Could 3d print some of those void fillers as well in ABS

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This improved matters substantially. It still generates more dust than a lot of other equipment, but maybe only 10-20% as much as it did before you attached this.


The machine can get jammed with chips if the suction drops too much for any reason. Yesterday someone had to loosen and extract a ton of chips using a stick through the dust collector port, and I had to do the same again today. I think we may have a problem with the central dust collector suction (even before it stopped altogether today).

That was me! Yeah the jointer was filled to the brim inside

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