Drum sander conveyor belt

The conveyor belt on the drum sander was over tensioned on one side. This drives the belt to the opposite side. The belt should travel evenly, in the middle. The belt is getting damaged on one edge, and it may be stretched out on one edge. It was replaced just a few weeks ago.

If you are not familiar with the equipment, please do not be making adjustments. If you believe that a piece of equipment needs adjustment, report it using the red QR code, found all over the shop.



@cfstaley I noticed the sander is still down and fairly disassembled. Do you know whether we likely to get it back anytime soon?

Sorry if I missed an announcement about it in some other thread – my search skills might’ve let me down.

Parts were ordered for it several months back and did not seem to ever be delivered. @cfstaley got them to resend the parts – he or @David will know more on the status of their arrival and next steps for repair.

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Understandable. This has dragged on. I received a so notice today, for Fed Ex. Unfortunately, they only had one of the 4 bushings in stock. Some of those are spares, so it may still work out, and we might be able to reuse an existing bushing. @David is doing the rebuild itself, and would have to provide an estimate on rebuild, after receipt of parts.

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Got it – thank you both.

I’ll have 20 segmented rings that will need some flattening so I was hoping to use it for that purpose (I don’t trust the planer to not turn them into mulch). But if it turns out it’s simply not feasible to have it running again in the near term, I’ll just do it the old-fashioned way.

Parts just arrived. @David has them.

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