Dripping from HVAC system 4

I noticed the a drip coming from the HVAC system under the front loft over by the poly printer. Joe turned the system off. I’ve put one of the large blue trash cans underneath to catch drips while it thaws out

This looks like the filters were clogged, they need to be changed more often than this. Had 5/11 written on them.

Without sufficient airflow, the evaporator core will cool before freezing and it’ll start icing over and soon stop airflow entirely. It can also result in water in unusual places. There was no water in the overflow pan.

The best response is to change the filters and set the unit to “FAN ONLY” until all the ice melts. Once there’s an opening for some air to start flowing at all, the flow speeds the process a lot. It can take an hour or two with the fan, without the fan, more like 4-8 hrs. Setting to “HEAT” will not help, as the heater is downstream of the evaporator core and fan.

Note this is a different problem from the condensate drain clogging.

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