Drill press for metal

Dumb question here - I need to drill holes in metal. Is it ok to use the drill presses in the wood shop for this? I have my own drill bits and will bring lubricant. Just wanted to make sure it was ok in the woodshop area

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There is a drill press in the metal shop. Don’t use the ones in the wood shop

Here is the link to the wiki page about it.

Also, thank you so much for asking the question! Happy to help point you in the right direction

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Thanks Stephanie.

You must do the metal shop safety class first. There are a few this week, and a few later in the month.

Metal shop safety is that shop area’s equivalent to wood shop safety. To do anything in the metal working area, the class is required first. Even those with a lot of experience must take this

Welcome to the shop, and I look forward to meeting you and seeing what you make!


Thanks again, I’ll see if I can make the safety class this week. Appreciate your quick input and guidance.

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