Doweling jig at the shop?

Is there a doweling jig at the shop?

There is a self centering dowel jig that should be in the top left drawer of the miter station, closest to the drill press. I’ve used it a few times, but there are only two sizes of the inserts that I could find (3/8" and I’m not sure what the smaller one is, i guess 1/4").

It looks like this

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Great. Thanks, Adam!

I bought and tried to use one of these. It wasn’t very accurate as far as the self centering went. Seemed like a design flaw, with the screw adjuster. Hopefully I just got a bad one, or wasn’t using it correctly. Just my experience though.

Thanks, James.
It does look like quality varies across systems.

@gordoa40 , did you notice any of the centering points? They go in the drilled holes of an edge to mark the drill locations into the flat surface.

I’ve had mixed results with it – it seems to work ok with a few dowels but obviously the more you add for one joint the more the inaccuracies add up and it can be tough to line them all up. It’s not a perfect solution but with care you can get decent results

I didn’t notice any at the shop, no, but I didn’t look that hard. I have a couple (just two) of the 3/8" ones that i got out of a doweling kit in the past, and maybe a pair of the smaller ones as well, but having just two isn’t always super useful. You’re welcome to borrow them if you want

I appreciate it. I’ll take a look at the one in the shop this weekend.