Dorian new master switch

Hi there, I was using Dorian early in the morning and this was my first time using the laser on my own. I took the class before there was a master switch and the directions are not updated. I probably would have noticed the correct thing to do if it were not 6am- but alas. I cut the zip tie holding the cords together because it wasn’t working because I was ignorant of the switch. Only a cut zip tie, But thought I should bring it to attention. My bad!

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Yeah probably best not to attempt maintenance or repairs unless you know what you’re doing. Luckily no big deal this time

Is the switch still functioning as intended?

I wasn’t attempting repairs, I was just trying to plug it in like the pictures

Switch still functions. I was just following the outdated instructions

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Ok. I’ll fix the zip ties later. Thank you for posting about it.