Dorian - Cut depth varies depending on bed placement?

Seeking advice/feedback on the following:

TL:DR - I get different cut depths on Dorian depending on where on the bed the piece is located, which means I need to go over a normal cutting power or lower speed to make sure it goes through in all areas.
Is this normal?

So I’ve sketched some profiles I need to cut out of 1/8" and 1/4" acrylic. I had built myself a test material table to better understand the settings for Dorian a while ago. Today I needed to cut some long pieces (~25cms long).
When using my usual settings for 1/8" and aligning these pieces long end running left to right, the closer the laser got to the center of the bed, the shallower the cut would be (minimal amount, but enough not to free the piece from the rest of the material).
I rotated the sketch in Lightburn 90 degrees to have it running back to front, and this time the laser cut through cleanly the full length of the piece.
Same thing happened with the 1/4", but this time it was more noticeable as trying to free the cut piece would cause cracks along the bottom of the piece, where the laser did not reach.

I believe someone had mentioned a few weeks ago that they had seen a similar behavior. Wondering if there’s something I can learn to fix this.

Appreciate any help/education on this!

Z timing was off quite a bit. Fixed.


Thank you very much Danny!
Would love to learn how to do this myself if you ever have some free time.