Done - Chair Rack

Assembled the chair rack and put all the chairs on it. Currently located in the shop by the rollup door. Seems to be the best place for the time being.


You are awesome! Thank you @Snestle!!

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@Snestle Nicely done

Great job, and community tool area looks great as well. Thanks for cleaning and organizing.

That area seems fine for now, but I’m worried the Once and Future Fiber Laser area is getting crowded, and we don’t even have the scaffolding here yet. All of that will have to go elsewhere eventually.

we’d tentatively planned on the chair rack living in the MPR with a prettied-up cover, though we may need to have another think now that there’s a dedicated gallery wall there

our demand for wall space suggests our ideal building layout is a maze…

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Move the bookcase, slide the fridge and drink machine over towards door, and it will fit. Just measured.

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Not to mention the future plans to store the new folding picnic tables on the walls as well.

@jiggliemon that is not a final plan and is unlikely to occur with current changes.

If I recall, that is how the building layout worked under Hackerspace. I like this layout better! (But your point is funny!)