Domino alignment jig

It can be difficult to place the domino when cutting a mortise into the center of a panel. I added a 3D printed alignment jig to the systainer to make it easier.

Mark the center of where the mortise is to be cut.

Use the jig to mark a line offset by 10mm, which is the distance from the center of the cutter to the base plate. (Jig moved to the side for visibility)

Align the base plate to the offset line. Plunge straight down and the mortise will be cut at the intended location.


Somebody is appreciating the value of 3D printed jigs for woodworking! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My little Ender has been running non-stop since I got it. Jigs, tool holders, prototypes, all kinds of stuff. It’s been a true workhorse in my shop!


<3 functional prints

Your prints would make an excellent topic for a woodworker interest group.
Monthly SIG meetings are a great way to build themed communities.
“Discoveries” of what people are doing can serve as the agenda.

It’s also occasioned to promote other programs, other SIGs and other classes.

E.g., a SIG audience would be perfect to promote “Woodshop Mentor Series”. :innocent: