Dogholes added to the Swift spoilboard

I added some dogholes to the Swift spoilboard. The toolkit for the Swift has the dogs in it. They are currently Stainless steel, but will be swapped out for Aluminum ones. I add more holes when I get time.


Ya, aluminum is much easier on end mills. :grin:


used them today and they worked pretty damn good. i used them to square up my material, turned on the vacuum and took them out

only thing is they can go out of square a bit when moving your piece since they aren’t full depth holes, but i think even with this kind of tolerance its plenty accurate:


Can you drop the spoil-board design file here So We can use it in fusion

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Delrin is a good option too- it will not damage anything but a long, thin tip at high feedrates.
Most bits would go right through. But, maybe that fear of damaging your bit is a healthy thing

Yeah I think you should absolutely destroy a bit if you mess up a dog, only fair haha. If only we could make a spoilboard like that

This is a great idea. I believe someone left some hdpe in the scrap cart, maybe that could be a good test material.

Do you know the XY coordinates for zero when using the dogs?

I cut the holes based on the machine 0,0. I dont have all the holes done yet, but once I do I’ll send the file.

i just squared my material up and zeroed the bit manually as you showed me and that seemed to work just fine for my needs, but im not making spaceships either

It works perfect for that scenario. The request for the coordinates is so they can program the holes into their design software.

Bump! @jamesfreeman can I get the design file used for the dogholes? I would like to experiment with zeroing the x/y via gcode.

Hey. Sorry I havent made any progress on these. I’ll get back on it soon.

The dogholes for the spolboard are done. They extend all the way around the bed now.

I’ll clean up the file and post the coordinates soon.