Dog-watching while at the shop?

Happy Friday amigos -
I wanted to share a common problem I have, see if others experience something similar.

I would love to spend more time at the makerspace, however I have two small dogs - don’t want to leave them home alone so much. Ideally, they would be hanging with a small group of dog pals, supervised & cared for like family - something fun they look forward to. I currently have them go to a dog daycare a few days a week, but honestly its a lot of dogs, and I’m not sure my dogs actually chill out and enjoy themselves, build bonds, make friends etc.

The most perfect situation would be that ASMBLY dedicated a ton of floor space for a dog day care. Just kidding. Second best situation would be some dog-people who live near ASMBLY, and would be up for hosting dog dates/stays while the owner kicks it at the makerspace. Willing to contribute $, food, custom products / gifts - whatever makes the pups happy, and can give me a feeling of ease & freedom to spend time building.

Anyone else in the same boat? Ideas?

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