Does using a tap require a metal shop safety class

Hey all,

I’d like to use a tap and t-handle tap wrench to hand tap a hole. Do these or other similar metalworking hand tools require a metal shop safety class?



I would say that that is simple enough that it is not required. Be warned, the current tap set is TERRIBLE. We will get some functional ones soon. What size are you tapping?

Note that the drill press does require the MSS class. And tapping is much easier with a tap guide, but that requires the drill press or mill to use.

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I’m clearing a layer of rust from already tapped holes, so hopefully even bad taps will work given enough cutting oil. The size is M12x1.25.


That is course enough to not matter happy thread chasing

Follow up: we did get a new complete set of taps. I haven’t tested them extensively, but they seem decent. They even have a neat ratcheting holder system, though unfortunately that lacks the necessary holes to use a tap guide, a major drawback. But the taps work with any handle of course.