Does the shop have nailguns?

Hi all. I’m building a lightweight plywood structure (box divider of sorts) that will be covered in felt, so I don’t want to have big divots due to screwheads. I figured using glue and a pin or brad nailer would result in a less bumpy surface for the felt to adhere to. Does anyone know if we have such a nailgun available, either pneumatic or electric?

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We have one. I haven’t looked for it in a bit though.

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Thanks Joe – I’ll take a look around the shop, probably next weekend. If you (or anyone else) can think of where it might be, please let me know.

Yes, there is a pneumatic brad nailer that was hanging on the tool wall last I saw, about a week ago. Should still be there. BYON (bring your own nails)


Ya! I actually randomly saw it today on the tool wall! I read it to make sure I get the right nails. It takes 18 ga brads, up to 2"


Excellent – thank you @gordoa40 and @kingkeyan!