Does Dorian have a shorter cutting length now?

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I am trying to use Dorian for its max 36’‘, however it seems that it is stopping at 34’‘. There is a tape on it that says “frame stop limit” right where the head stops. I know that you should be aware of the frame stop limit when etching, but it the head should be able to go to the full 36’’ when cutting.

Is there anything I can do about this?

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Hmm, I’m also curious about that. I put that tape there on Friday after hitting the Y-axis limit. I had meant to post about it here, but forgot, sorry. So thanks for reminding me! :cowboy_hat_face:

My experience was that it cannot cut any closer to the front of the honeycomb than the edge of that tape – if you try to send a job that would move the gantry further “South”, the laser will throw a frame slop error. It looks to me like this is a physical limitation due to the camera mounted in front of the lens assembly – i.e. to avoid bumping into the front door. So that’s why I thought a direct label on the honeycomb seemed appropriate as a reminder

Incidentally, I was pretty annoyed that Lightburn’s frame preview tool doesn’t warn you that it actually jogged to the limit – it just silently clips the frame bounding box and traces the clipped bounds. This convinced me that I had my material properly placed, but when I actually sent the job for real, the Ruida controller threw the frame slop error. Since it doesn’t explain where it hit a frame limit, that ends up being really confusing if you don’t just magically know where the invisible limit is. It would be much nicer if LB could detect when the preview frame would jog outside the real limits and display a clear warning.

Anyway, if we stick with the label-on-honeycomb solution, I’m perfectly happy to see my quick painters tape solution replaced with something more permanent / clean. Maybe a silver paint marker direct on the frame?

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Dorian’s frame was originally designed as a 1300 x 900 mm bed.

However, the addition of the head camera created a clearance problem. It will collide with the door in front. So the mfg programmed in a smaller bed in the Ruida config. It is not capable of 900mm of Y travel anymore.

The head camera is not currently supported by Lightburn AFAIK. Its purpose would ultimately be making Print and Cut somewhat easier and more accurate than aligning with the red dot.

The camera can be removed nondestructively, and the Ruida limit reprogrammed to restore the bed size, but IIRC this might require pulling all the cabling out of the drag chain. I’ll take a look to confirm how problematic this would be before proposing to do so.

Tarkin is 1600mm x 1000mm so that may be an option for your situation


@dannym I’ve chatted with many people in the space, and I think everyone agrees that since we dont need the camera, it would be nice to be able to use the full size of the bed on dorian! How can we help assist this?

This would go through @jamesfreeman as Director of Operations. Modifications to equipment owned or hosted by Asmbly has to be approved by the organization.

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The decision to physically uninstall the camera to reclaim the full bed size would go through the org. I can say it’s feasible to do, and would regain I think about 3" of bed area. It should be possible to reinstall it later.

I’m not sure what basis that decision works off of.

@J-LoM does have a point that the Lightburn software profile for Dorian does not match the firmware burned onto the Ruida, resulting in it offering access to workspace that doesn’t exist which earns the “Frame Slop Error” if a job is sent over that tries to go past the physical limits.

The actual basic dimensions of the bed with the camera installed were never documented by the mfg, but I can get them from snooping the firmware and correct it in LB.

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I checked, Dorian is shorted by 70mm of its 900mm bed dimension due to the head camera’s bulk.

Let me know if you want me to uninstall it.

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@dannym you just need to reach out to @jamesfreeman to discuss. Please email him –

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