Do not over-tighten levers - jointer edition

The fence clamp on the jointer was way over tightened this morning. Not only can this damage the equipment, it was moving the fence out of true.

Snug levers down, but don’t over-tighten. More is not better. This goes for most machine levers in the shop. A lot of these levers have plastic handles. When you try to over-tighten, it can break the plastic.


Not over tightening should be the first lesson in woodshop safety. The amount of times that I’ve had to use the strength of a thousand demons to loose the nut on the table saw blade is ridiculous.

Someone is eventually going to snap the arbor.


I have added a reminder sign to the jointer. I can make more of these for other tools.


I’ll take a couple.

It would definitely be helpful for me. There’s really no part of my life that couldn’t improve with little cartoon reminders.